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Book: The Great University Gamble

The Great University Gamble: money, markets & the future of higher education exists and will be officially available from April 20th.

Intended as a primer to the new way in which universities are financed and positioned in a market, it also sets out how the coalition reforms have created new opportunities for private investment in higher education.

There is much more going on than simply the raising of tuition fees – the book sets out what are the longterm aims of reform, how they have been achieved without democratic oversight and what the implications are by focusing on how money moves around the system.

It is currently on offer at Pluto for £17 inclusive of postage and packaging.


  • A significant typo is located in Chapter 12.
  • The estimated non-repayment on loans peaked at 45 per cent, not 32% as it was when the book was finished. In 2015, the government effected a series of changes to student finance, graduate repayments and accounting treatment so that the estimated non-repayment of loans is now somewhere around 20-25%. Most of these moves were predicted in the book.

US & Canada

For those of you based in North America, the book is distributed by University of Chicago Press and is available here.


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