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I  teach at CityLit and Central Saint Martins.

At CityLit, I  teach courses in philosophy and the history of mathematics in collaboration with Rich Cochrane  – including courses in Time and Philosophy of Mathematics.

The courses below at are available to the general public:

Introductory & Weekend courses

Philosophy & History of Mathematics: A Brief Introduction
Two Saturdays  – 24 November & 1 December

More advanced 10-12 week courses at CityLit running in 2018/19

Philosophy with Jorge Luis Borges (Autumn 2018)
Philosophy of Space (Autumn 2018)
Reasoning in the Computation Age (Winter 2019) – new course
Philosophy of Time & Change (Winter 2019)  – new course
Phenomenology of Time (Summer 2019) – new course
The Symmetry of Things (Summer 2019) – new course

Courses that ran in 2017/18

Philosophy of Mathematics 1: Geometry (Autumn 2017)

Philosophy of Mathematics 2: Arithmetic (Spring 2018)

Advanced Philosophy of Mathematics: Gödel (Summer 2018)

Reasoning with Uncertainty (Summer 2018)

Euclidean Geometry (Summer 2018)
Islamic Design in the Alhambra (Summer 2018)


At CSM, I co-founded and co-run the Fine Art Maths Centre. This is the first centre of its kind in the UK and was previously funded as a Sigma maths support centre. If offers workshop and tutorial support to artists who would like help to advance their practice or make specific works.

Our initial provision focused on geometry – Euclidean, Projective & Perspective and Topology & non-Euclidean – but we expanded to include introductions to coding and computing, which have proven to very popular. In Autumn 2017, we ran an ambitious programme entitled ‘Three Pillars of the Digital’, which provided a series of workshops on coding, connectedness and data. 70 students participated.

We have authored one self-study textbook based on our Euclidean Geometry course. It is freely available and comes with supporting resources in Geogebra.



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