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I  teach at CityLit and Central Saint Martins.

At CityLit, I will be teaching courses in the philosophy and mathematics – including courses in Time and Philosophy of Mathematics..

At CSM, we have received funding to launch a Sigma maths support centre. Ours will be the first maths centre based in a fine art department; our initial provision focused on geometry – Euclidean, Projective & Perspective and Topology & non-Euclidean – but we have recently expanded to include introductions to coding and computing.

We have authored one self-study textbook based on our Euclidean Geometry course. It is freely available and comes with supporting resources in Geogebra.

The courses below at Citylit are available to the general public:

Introductory courses

Philosophy & History of Mathematics: A Brief Introduction
Two Saturdays  – 25 November & 2 December 2017

More advanced 10-12 week courses at CityLit

Philosophy of Time (Autumn 2017)

Philosophy of Mathematics 1: Geometry (Autumn 2017)

Philosophy of Mathematics 2: Arithmetic (Spring 2018)

Advanced Philosophy of Mathematics: Gödel (Summer 2018)

Reasoning with Uncertainty (Summer 2018)


2016/17 courses

Last year we offered Philosophy with Borges, Philosophy of Infinity and Philosophy & History of Calculus. We plan to offer these again in future.

We have previously run courses on Exploring Modern Maths, the Multiverse and political philosophy.



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