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I write and research as a freelancer on higher education.

I teach at CityLit and Central Saint Martins as an hourly paid lecturer. Mainly various bits of mathematics from a philosophical or cultural history viewpoint, with an emphasis on geometry and ideas. I am the co-founder of Fine Art Maths Centre at Central Saint Martins.

I am the author of the (unfortunately) prescient The Great University Gamble: money, markets and the future of higher education and more recently a pamphlet for Higher Education Policy Institute on accounting and budgeting for student loans.

I hold a doctorate from the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy (now at Kingston University) and have taught and supervised at Middlesex University, University of Westminster and Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design. Information on my philosophy and arts research can be found here:

All views here are personal. This blog is run on a voluntary basis with no commercial or outside support.

Contact: andrewjmcgettigan AT

Twitter: @amcgettigan

  1. Reid Galbraith permalink

    Hi Andrew
    Thank you for your interesting articles about student loans both here in the UK and in New Zealand.
    I feel a bit silly asking about a personal student loan matter, but perhaps you can recommend a contact for professional and accurate New Zealand student loan advice? I want to talk to someone I can trust, rather than the self proclaimed ‘experts’ I’ve seen online.

    Thank you

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