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Video: Treasury Committee appearance

October 19, 2017

A video from my appearance alongside Dr Carasso at the Treasury Committee yesterday.

Topics covered: student loans, interest rates, accounting and other related matters!

Approximately 1h45.

Update 26 October

A transcript is now available, though I haven’t had a chance to review (or correct) it.

  1. Very interesting. Is the briefing note that you produced for the Select Committee in the public domain, or will it be?

  2. It was absolutely fascinating, though I thought the answers much better than most of the questions! The extent of the mess which the system is in came out very clearly and Andrew and Dr Carasso complemented each other very well.

    • Thanks. I’ll be alongside Gavan Conlon from London Economics on Tuesday (Economic Affairs Committee) and I expect that will also be an enjoyable experience.

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