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Video: Economic Affairs Committee (with Dr Gavan Conlon)

October 26, 2017

On Tuesday, Gavan Conlon from London Economics and I appeared before the Economic Affairs Committee.

It was a long and complex session – there will be a transcript and I anticipate having to make a written submission to clarify some of the more complicated points that I tried to squeeze out before the end of the session.

But there is a video.

A corrected transcript is now available.


The session was interrupted twice by the ‘division bell’. These intervals have not been edited out of the video available. The session was suspended around 16:31, we returned very briefly around 16:47, but there was only time for Livermore to ask his question before we were interrupted again.

We returned from the second interruption at “16:59:20”.

  1. Brian permalink

    Does the interval last from 16:31 to 16:59 or is there another break somewhere?

    • There is a short resumption somewhere in there but it might be for less than a minute. I haven’t had a chance to find it yet.

  2. I’ve seen a transcript and in effect the session was interrupted from 16.31 to 16.59. There was a very brief resumption where there was only time for Lord Livermore to ask his question before the bell went again.

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