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EAN Conference – The New College of Resistance (29 October 2011)

September 28, 2011

The Education Activists Network is holding a conference on Saturday 29 October 2011 in London.

Workshops include: Crimes against Humanities – from London Met to AC Grayling; The movement one year since Millbank; Alternatives to austrity; Organising casual workers; Protest and the police; Gender inequality in education; Building universities of international solidarity; ESOL, EMA and the fight for FE; Points-based immigration and the racist clampdown; Jobs, pensions, pay and the defence of education; Exposing the new managerialism

Speakers include: Ilan Pappé, John McDonnell MP, Laurie Penny, Peter Hallward, Alex Callinicos, Liam Burns NUS President, Alfie Meadows, Mark Campbell, Jacqueline Rose, Alberto Toscano, Katy Clarke MP, Owen Jones, Guy Aitchison, Zita Holbourne, and activists from UK Uncut, Greece, Spain and Egypt.

Facebook site for the event.  I’ll be participating too.


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