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Overview of material posted here

October 30, 2011

Following some recent requests, here is an overview on the material on this website and elsewhere in relation to the recent white paper and the government’s plans for higher education more generally.

Suggestions for other material and comments in general are very welcome.

Short summaries

In the Wings: Deregulation and Private, for-profit Providers in the proposals for Higher Education (written on eve of last December’s vote on increasing tuition fee caps).

HE White Paper: a reckless gamble with university education

TV appearance on Channel 4 News on evening of the publication of the white paper


Longer Overviews – with John Holmwood and others

“Putting Vision Back into Higher Education: A Response to the Government White Paper”

“In Defence of Public higher education”


Articles on specific aspects of proposals and plans

A suggested order of reading.

 1 Background to the White Paper and its delay – the new market conditions for new (for-profit) ‘providers’

‘New Providers’: the Creation of a Market in Higher Education’


2 Core/Margin model on Student recruitment

‘Ten things everyone working in or studying art should know about the White Paper for Higher Education in England’


 3 Loans

Discussion with Martin Lewis

Sections of ‘Putting the Vision Back in Higher Education’ (co-written with John Holmwood)

Appendix to ‘In Defence of Public Higher Education’


4 ‘Privatisation’

Meaning of Privatisation in Higher Education

“2012: a ‘Big Bang’ in higher education?”

Middlesex Case Study: ‘The Truth about Middlesex’

‘First as Farce: higher education, the profit motive, and the New College of the Humanities’ 

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