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Update on loans and more

December 8, 2011

Apologies for the intermittent blogging recently.  The interruptions were due to leaving Research Fortnight, doing some academic conferences and sorting out a book contract.

Regarding the latter, Pluto Press have offered to publish a political primer to the new market in English higher education next September.  Title is still being negotiated so any suggestions are welcome – it needs ‘market’ and ‘university’ in there somewhere.

In the meantime, my three part series on accounting for and managing the student loan portfolio has been appearing with Research Fortnight.  Part two, ‘Shifting the Risk’, can be found here though it is behind a paywall. (You may have joy with the ‘campus access’ option).

Part three, ‘Monetising the loan book’, will be out next week.  Part one is a bit dry and technical on accounting conventions and estimates and is called ‘A dodgy PFI scheme’.

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