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Articles on University Financing – now available

May 21, 2012

Research Fortnight have now made available as pdfs the complete set of articles I wrote for them last year on university financing.

The newly available articles include:

The first article in the three-parter on loans has been superceded by False Accounting? which corrects some out-0f-date information I had been using about accounting for student loans. 

“Shifting the Risk” includes an interview with Nick Barr about the viability of independent loans provided by private lenders. It outlines how a generalised loan regime achieves the “financialisation” of higher education.

“Into the Shadows” , the final installment of the loan trilogy, concentrates on attempts to sell or ‘monetise’ the loan portfolio. Again, Part 3 of False Accounting? covers the history of this policy approach in much more detail but there are some ideas floated in ‘Shadows’ about kinds of derivatives that might make sense in the HE context.

  1. With the UK government cutting down on foreign student intakes due to the changes in our immigration laws. This is bad new. UK Border Forces are now saying the staying in the UK for more than a year you are NOT a visitor.

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