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Government consultation on company names

March 3, 2013

City AM reported on Wednesday that the government was planning to lift the

archaic rules restricting the use of words such as ‘Accredited’, ‘British’, ‘Group’, ‘International’, ‘Benevolent’, ‘Holding’, ‘Institute’, and ‘University’ in company names.

The government has indeed launched a consultation on company names and the inclusion of ‘sensitive words’ for which permission is needed. The relevant paragraphs are 38 onwards.

Paragraph 52 reads:

Those which appear to be particularly important to protect include: Accredited, Bank, Charity, Institute, Insurance, Police and University. Misuse of these words poses a high risk to the general public.

… which is somewhat different to the City AM account.

Still, the consultation questions are general:

1. Do you think all regulations relating to names should be repealed? Please give reasons for your answer.

2. Do you think regulations relating to names should be retained but reduced and simplified? Please give reasons for your answer.

3. Do you think the list of “sensitive” words should be reduced? If so, which words would you recommend for removal and why?

Last year, the government did reduce the qualifying size criteria for full university title allowing College of Law to restyle itself as University of Law before being sold to Montagu Private Equity.

Relaxations of the restrictions around the use of ‘university’ in company names can already be seen in Newham University Centre and Stockport College University Centre. Does the addition of ‘centre’ in these titles mitigate the ‘risk to the general public’?

Is this clear? ‘Newham University Centre (formerly University Centre Stratford) is the higher education faculty of Newham College London.’

Newham UC is charging £4,500, ‘so no need to miss out on your degree because you can’t afford it’.

Closing date for the consultation: 22 May 2013 


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  1. To add to yr collection –
    “Anglia Ruskin University’s University Centre, Harlow.”

  2. To note – Harlow also now has a ‘University Centre’, under Anglia Ruskin University. “New students at University Centre Harlow will pay tuition fees of £6500 a year (Universities can charge up to £9000)”

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