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August 15, 2013

Attention will be elsewhere today, but I have come across two news items related to matters that have been covered extensively on here.

The Camden New Journal is reporting that the attempt by New College of the Humanities to launch a free school has been kiboshed. AC Grayling has admitted that the college, owned by Tertiary Education Services, has failed to find a suitable site in the Borough.

I guess we’ll also all be waiting to see how its recruitment fared this year.

Elsewhere, Glyndŵr University , in Wrexham, has pulled out of a partnership with London School of Business & Finance that appeared to have similarities with the deal  LSBF had with London Metropolitan University.

As in last year’s case, Glyndŵr was looking into validating degrees at LSBF and sponsoring international students, who would then be allowed to work during their studies (something overseas students at ‘private providers’ are barred from doing). A statement from Glyndŵr in Times Higher Education reads:

“After following a stringent process of due diligence [the university] decided not to proceed. We never validated or delivered any degree programmes and no CAS  was ever issued or places offered on any programme leading to a Glyndwr University award.”

There will be a judicial review in October to look at what the now disbanded UK Border Agency and, crucially, the Home Office decided about London Metropolitan last August.

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