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Update on London Metropolitan

October 10, 2013

London Metropolitan has withdrawn its case for judicial review against the UKBA decision to suspend its ability to sponsor overseas students.

Critical Education

I wasn’t in the Royal Courts of Justice on Friday for the preliminary hearing into London Metropolitan’s request for a judicial review into UK Border Agency’s decision to revoke London Met’s licence to act as visa sponsors for non-EU students.  I have read the reports in The Guardian, Times Higher Education and the Laywer. I did however participate in Radio 4’s The Report and have now seen some senior level minutes from London Metropolitan.

I will try to summarise what I have gleaned from those sources, covering the court case first and the minutes second.

The Preliminary Hearing

First, Judge Irwin granted a judicial review but did not reinstate LMU’s highly trusted sponsor status.  That decision will depend on the outcome of the full review: for the meantime, LMU cannot recruit non-EU students. 

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