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Student loan losses – clarifications

March 21, 2014

I put some questions to the department for Business, Innovation and Skills this morning regarding the new estimated loss on student loans. Their answers in red.

What is the RAB charge for loans issued to those on the new funding regime:
for loans issued in 2013/14? 45%.
for loans issued in 2012/13? 45%.

What is the RAB charge for loans issued to those who started before Sept 2012:
for loans issued in 2013/14? 40-45%.
for loans issued in 2012/13? 40-45%.
What revisions have been done to the fair value of previously issued loans? In the most recent accounts, the existing loans had a face value of £46billion and a fair value of £31billion, What are the relevant figures for those loans today?
Loans already issued and held on the BIS balance sheet will be revalued as at 31 March 2014, they will be subject to independent audit and published this summer.
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