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Maintenance loans & the abolition of grants – what the government has announced

July 8, 2015

I have received the maintenance loans breakdown from the Treasury. I have added a few columns to illustrate the difference in annual cash received and the difference in associated debt (before interest is applied). This policy affects new starters in 2016/17, students already studying stay on the mix on grants and loans.

It looks like students from the poorest backgrounds will graduate with the highest debts. I’m looking forward to comment from those who’ve been berating the SNP’s track record in Scotland. It doesn’t look as stark as this.

click on the image below to see full version

maintenance changes


I have been asked to explain the reference to the Scottish National Party. In order to maintain free tuition for undergraduate study, the SNP rejigged its maintenance support provision for students. This has led many commentators to criticise Scotland for having ‘the lowest rate of grant in Western Europe’ and being the only place in the UK where those from the poorest backgrounds have the highest graduating debts.
The implication was always that this was the cost of being tuition free – putting a greater burden on the poor. Yesterday’s announcements makes clear that England will have no grant, the poorest will have the highest graduating debts and we will have the highest tuition fees.


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