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Treasury View of Higher Education – Part 2

July 16, 2015

Now corrected.

Critical Education

The second of two papers on the Treasury and English higher education has been published as a chapter in a new free e-book from the Political Economy Research Centre at Goldsmiths. It is titled Forging Economic Discovery in 21st Century Britain and includes contributions from Johnna Montgomerie (editor), James Meadway, Will Davies, Andrew Gamble and others.

‘The Treasury View of Higher Education: Student Loans, Illiquid Assets & Fiscal Control’ is the companion to ‘The Treasury View of Higher Education: Human Capital Investment’ which was also published by PERC as a working paper.

The new paper offers a short, more speculative overview of the significance of my recent long studies of student loan accounting and budgeting (last month’s HEPI pamphlet) and attempts to sell student loans to pension funds and insurance companies (March’s London Review of Books article).

It explores that material through two quotes:

  • Roy Harrod’s comment…

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