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Anti ‘New College for the Humanities’ and HE Privatisation Planning Meeting

June 10, 2011

Monday 20 June, 2011

at 7-9pm

Where: Bloomsbury     Venue: TBC

A meeting to co-ordinate initiatives opposed to the Grayling’s New College for the Humanities.


HMRC’s VAT Exemption Guidance for Education and Vocational Training

“4.3 I’m a commercial provider but not of tuition in EFL. Am I an eligible body?

Not if you operate with a view to making and distributing profits.  So you’re unlikely to be an eligible body if you’re a: tutorial college; computer training organisation; secretarial college; correspondence college; subsidiary company of a university or college; or partnership.”

So if NCH’s £18 000 annual fee is inclusive, then £3 000 of it is VAT.  The actual spend on students at NCH may be much closer that at established universities once other tax issues are taken into account (the risk of running an education provider which is not a charity).

ps University of London’s Careers Advice Service is the latest service advertised on NCH website to deny it has reached an agreement with Grayling.



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