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The long bourgeois revolution in HE …

July 1, 2011

Browsing through the newly available Radical Philosophy archive, I came across a brief article written by ‘The Critical Lawyers Group, University of Kent.

Education Changes: The Hidden Agenda was written in 1992 and serves as a reminder of the long-term agendas in play:

“The claim that [these measures] will increase access to higher education is just as fraudulent. The real problem of access to higher education is not and never has been’ time’ , nor ‘flexibility’ ,nor location, it has always been money, the refusal by government to properly fund good quality education. 

“Finally, in enthusiastically endorsing these proposals, the University continually stresses the ways in which they will enhance student ‘power’; a remarkable conversion to something they have vigorously opposed in the past! The reason, of course, is that the alleged ‘power’ that [it] gives to students is the harmless, disempowering, fragmented power of the individual ‘consumer’ confronted (on a purely ‘take it or leave it’ basis) by pre-packaged, ‘off the shelf’, ‘products’. Real student power can only be achieved by greatly increasing student representation on University bodies, on departmental committees and the like; by increasing collective student power on the important decision-making c.ommittees of the University from Council down.”

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