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HEFCE consultation on student numbers and funders – Oxbridge

July 17, 2011

From the Hefce consultation on student numbers and funding.

Institution-specific funding from 2013-14

154. A small number of institutions may have distinctive teaching costs that are not recognised in the standard formulaic funding method and cannot be met through the fee regime. Such costs are currently met through the institution-specific targeted allocation, whose 20 recipients include various performing arts conservatoires, specialist arts and agricultural colleges, other specialist HEIs and the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

155. We anticipate that some form of this funding will continue. However, a comprehensive review will be necessary to ensure that this funding stream continues to reflect our revised funding priorities in the changed funding context. This must first establish future criteria for receiving the allocation, and then determine which institutions meet these criteria. During the review we will work closely with the institutions currently receiving the institution-specific targeted allocation. The review will begin during 2011, and its conclusions will be incorporated in the method for funding teaching in 2013-14.

When was direct funding to Oxbridge put back on the table?


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  1. Not sure it ever went away. Look at the small; and specialist review report here:

    IIRC, it was the direct funding to Oxbridge colleges that was removed.

  2. Thanks. I’ll have a look at that. Oxbridge wasn’t mentioned in paragraph 1.26 of the White Paper on institution-specific allocations. I’m also hoping to get round to writing something on the HEFCE line on sivs.

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