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2013 Autumn Statement – is HE expansion fully funded by loan sale?

July 22, 2014

Critical Education

Back in December and January, I discussed here some problems with the figures presented in the 2013 Autumn Statement relating to the sale of student loans and how the gross proceeds would fund the expansion of undergraduate places. The problem was basically that the Treasury used an estimate of gross proceeds, rather than net, and thereby overstated the revenue generated by a sale of loans to the tune of roughly £1.7billion. If you sell loans to the private sector, then the private sector receives the repayments instead of you and you have to reduce your estimated income accordingly.

Appearing before the BIS committee in January, David Willetts denied that any ‘schoolboy howlers’ had been committed and promised to set out the proper figures in a written statement.

That statement has now been published on the BIS committee website.

“The headline remains that the announcement on removing the cap on…

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