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HE review & lower tuition fees

November 3, 2018

PDF: Costbased outcomes for HE review Leciester May 2018

Earlier this year I gave a series of talks on the likely outcomes for HE from the government’s current review of tertiary education (which is to be informed by the independent panel chaired by Philip Augar).

Above is a pdf of the talk showing how all the evidence points to lowering tuition fees by subject as the most likely outcome given the politics and terms of reference. I do not believe any reduction of fees to £6500 or £7000 for classroom subjects will be offset by the restoration of grants in this instance. The principal motivation is to remove the incentive to cross-subsidise other subjects and activities through the surplus that people believe is there to be made on what used to be classed as “Band D” subjects.

If you do download the pdf, please consider donating. I do this HE work as a freelance writer – I am not a salaried academic.


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